It´s Victoria´s Name Day!!! Happy Name Day to everyone named Victoria. Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden, Prince Daniel and their two children Princess Estelle and Prince Oscar attended festivities to celebrate the Crown Princes’s name day at the Royal Palace court yard on March 12, 2017 in Stockholm, Sweden.
Kronprinsessan Victorias namnsdag firades dag pa° Kungliga slottet!!!
———————————– MORE VIDEOS—————————————-
– Happy First Birthday to Baby Prince Oscar of Sweden
– Prince Daniel of Sweden a Lovely Father and Husband.
– Happy 39th Birthday to Princess Victoria of Sweden
– Prince Oscar of Sweden´s Christenin
– Princess Estelle and Princess Leonore
– Princess Victoria of Sweden Family.
– Prince George and Princess Estelle of Sweden

The Name Day of Crown Princess Victoria, Victoria von Schweden, Kronprinzessin Victoria von Schweden, Prins Daniel, Prinsessan Estelle, Prins Oscar, Daniel Westling, la princesse Estelle, le prince Oscar, le prince Daniel, Kronprinsessan Victoria.


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