Individuals shifting within a pulsating metropolis who choose clothing to be present, live and to represent themselves, mixing recognisable shapes and signs in a personal way: it is a tense and sharp collection that stems from a reflection on today’s meaning of identity. These looks consistently and coherently define the code and substance of Emporio Armani, which promotes a spirit of belonging and invites everyone to be themselves.

The digital imprint – printed, embroidered, engraved, extended to become woven jacquard – and stylised eagle are the visual elements that recur in a wardrobe with sleek, performance shapes, in which garments are inspired by athletic wear but made with fine materials. Unexpected details underline the identity of garments: metallic patches with a military flavour, and a surprising romantic touch of foliage, embroidered with reflective thread.

A sense of functional modularity dominates: bombers with flexible volumes, pea coats and trench coats are mixed with straight-leg trousers or trouser styles with double pleats that have a looser fit. Constructed jackets have curved shoulders.

The colour palette is typical of Emporio Armani, featuring navy blues, denim blues, and urban greens paired with greys, along with touches of red, orange and electric blue that illuminate the collection.

Customisation as a means of establishing identity is evident in the accessories: weightless lace-ups and sandals, along with bags and backpacks with a contemporary look.







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